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Byrd Mena founder of Sharpfade has traveled to more than 25 countries across the globe Educating, Hosting, Judging, Consulting, collaborating and much more at some of our industries largest and most recognized events. While traveling he visits local barbers and barbershops to hear their stories, network and share them with the wolrd. Sharpfade is a brand he created back in 2015 for the hair industry, and is now recognized around the world with more than 2.5 million hashtags used and a following of 660,000+ on social media. Sharpfade focuses on sharing hairstyles, hair trends, tutorials, online hair challenges, education and so much more.


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Use #Sharpfade to have the chance to be featured on @Sharpfade or many other social media pages. Here you can find haircut to be inspired from or get creative ideas from around the world. Non barbers/Stylist can use the hashtag to find their next haircut.



" Lets bring the world closer with the power of Social Media"

Byrd Mena  |  Founder