About Byrd Mena

Byrd Mena the founder of SHARPFADE. Started hair school in 2011 and by 2013 he was professionally licensed as a barber/cosmetologist. Although his love for the industry started years before that when he attended the 1st ( Your barbers favorite barber event) what is now recognized as the CT BARBER EXPO. After honing his skills and working in the industry he decided to branch out and create his own company. In 2015 Sharpfade was born, to help unite barbers from around the world and bring something different to the table. Focused on growing his brand he began to host online barber battles with competitive barbers all over the world competing through social media. By 2016 Sharpfade continued to grow to massive propositions And so began the invitations to local events as sponsor, judge, host and speaker. Byrd started his own scissor company @Zyist to target barbers and students who care about using great tools at an affordable price. By then Byrd had worked with top brands in the industry, helping them release new products and advertising, reviewing and promoting events. SHARPFADE began touring internationally to Host events, Judge battles and most importantly, educate social media use and growth to barbers, stylist and business owners all over the world and he continues to deliver worldwide.